Taking a First Step

Access a New Perspective

Maintaining the Status Quo is an unproductive state for any business today. Regular infusions of creativity, innovation and new points of view are not only good but necessary to update, stimulate and foster improvements of quality, efficiency and scale.

Business Coaching is a process that helps owners and leadership unlock unrecognized potential in the business, themselves and employees.  We guide people to recognize their gaps in perception, understanding and knowledge by increasing access and connections to highly respected business resources and sharing alternate points of view. Our intention is to generate greater choice from which to challenge the status quo.  

In using this process we test and develop the leadership and talent base,  to increase excellence, productivity and sustainability.

Spectrum Coaching is here to help you to “turn up the light” of your imagination, access resources and motivate everyone to jump out of bed before the alarm goes off,  just because of the exciting possibilities.

Engagement of Spectrum Coaching Services

Discovery Session

We dialog to clarify the current state of the organization through asking a series of questions. Then we explore your intentions and desires regarding your future vision and possible routes to proceed. Also, this is the time to share how you prefer to be supported and what works best for you so that you’ll gain optimum results from our coaching partnership. We will explain the structures of accountability work and share some of the coaching tools that we may suggest using.

The Proposal

When you receive a Spectrum Coaching Proposal, it will be unique to your needs, based on the information shared regarding the current state of affairs and the vision and trajectory you detail for the itinerary and next planned destination.  Specific offers vary based on complexity of your intentions and initial goals. The service duration and intensity are negotiable based on your intended goals. However, as you change the suggested duration and intensity we change the length of time to reach accountability goals as well as the follow through for sustainability. This is just an offer.  You determine how quickly you move in your new direction.

  • Duration and intensity determine the number of weeks estimated to make the turn in a new direction.
  • Maintenance and accountability continues until the strategy or talent and skills are clearly adopted by employees and the impact is verifiable.

When you are ready to take a step toward reaching a new goal, and are willing to stretch the status quo boundaries by investing in the culture, talent, and processes of the business, request a discovery session with  Craig@spectrumcoaching.net .

We will help you “turn up the light” in your organization