Taking Stock: The life of Your Company

Taking Stock: The life of Your Company

Questions that, when answered honestly, will  help Identify and clarify your core understandings, as of today.

The sub-questions are to get you moving, to help trigger more intensive points.

1. What is your Mission, What is your purpose? Why do you do what you do?

Who are we? Who are we becoming?

What values do we consider most important

What inspires us to act?

What do we stand for?

What do we want to achieve in the long-view?

How do we treat those closest to us? Those we barely know?

2. Who is your customer?

Who do you want to spend time with?

What kinds of men and women do you want to interact with?

Do they reflect your values and beliefs?

Do they fuel your energy or excitement for life?

3. What does the “customer” value?

What is important to all your friends? Family? Colleagues?

What are their goals and priorities?

What do they treasure in a relationship with you?


4. What results do you expect?

What expectations do you have of yourself and others including partner, boss, employees, colleagues, clients and vendors? Etc.

Are these people aware of your expectations?

Do you know what these people expect from you?

Have you ever asked them what they need from you?

5. What is your plan?

Have you written a short, medium and long-view of your company and yourself?

What are the actions that will contribute moving you in that direction?

Completing this does not necessarily mean you are finished, because these are just where you are today.

On the contrary, you have only just begun. The next step is strategic adventure.