Living The Pleasure Of Connecting


Spectrum Coaching derives great pleasure from helping business owners and leadership connect with employees, customers and vendors. We model and teach strategies and practices that trigger sincere grins on faces and turn up the light while connecting. If you are ready to move to a more energized trajectory, we can help you with the process.

Interestingly, we tend to value those life experiences that move us to stretch, grow or learn . It is fun to watch people learn something new. They involuntarily grin, if only just for a second. I have been experiencing an amazing life, wife, children, grand children, many wonderful jobs, and some, not so much. But I am constantly learning and using these experiences and skills to keep my grin in place.

From your observation, what seems to be the explanation as to what fosters the constant ‘grin’ on the few, versus “the unshakable frown” on so many others? What is your frequent “state-of-face?” What keeps it in place? We appreciate your grin.

“What do I mean by the ‘Grin’?”

Some call it a Cheshire cat grin, as in Alice in Wonderland. Or the infamous “I know something that you don’t” grin from a baby that just filled their diaper. You get the point. It is the grin of being at ease, at peace, centered, and alive.

One of the side effects of the frequent grin is that you may find yourself encountering a new perspective or perception from people you may not know very well. You may then begin to model this perspective in your life. And on occasion, when you turn up the light, and your observation makes an “ah-ha” connection in your brain, you may experience the Tingle Affect: Energy-in-Celebration up and down your spine. You just made a connection of joy.

Enjoy the pleasure, we do!

How or why you found this page, this site, blog, whatever you want to label it, is not important. You are not here by accident or coincident. You are here for a reason. And you might consider thanking whoever or whatever aspect of your consciousness led you here. Now, to enjoy your life, just “turn up the light”.