Turn up the light of connecting

Turn up the light of connecting


Spectrum Coaching derives great pleasure from helping business owners and leadership to effectively connect with partners, employees, clients and vendors by creating an Experience that is appreciated and remembered. How it works is not magical, but the impact appears in repeat business, greater awareness and connectivity of employees, less turnover and absentees, more customer satisfaction, and sincere grins on faces. If you are ready to move in an appreciated direction, we can help you with the process.

The Effect of “the Experience”

Are They All Worthy? Are You?  “Of what,” you say?

  1. Of having an Experience that keeps them coming back and referring others?          Yes or no
  2. Do you really believe that they all are worthy of such an experience? Are you?         Yes or no
  3. Do you offer the experience to other businesses, friends, and competitors?             Yes or no
  4. Do you model, hire and retain employees based on that belief?                                   Yes or no
  5. Do you believe that the current experience you offer to customers, employees and vendors is capable of sustaining your company, long-term?                                                                                             Yes or no
  6. Are you looking forward to the longevity?                                                                      Yes or no

 One exception does not justify not offering the Experience to all

Yes, everyone is worthy of the experience. However, not everyone is self-convinced that they are worthy, or ready to “take in” such an experience.  We understand that not all believe that they are ready – after all, it is a choice.

However, this exception is not a valid reason to limit access to an experience that lifts up those who are ready for the experience. For example, not every person who experiences the natural wonders of the world is impressed. But most are, and that is all that matters.

If you do not believe everyone is worth it, how do you know that you are not as well?

The challenge: To recognize and acknowledge being worthy

You are not required to believe that “everyone is worthy”. But, because you might believe that some are worthy, it can be considered as a presupposition that you might consider as possible. This is, then, a plausible assumption that must be tested by you before it becomes part of your belief system. When it passes your tests,  you can then, if you choose, make it a part of your beliefs. It will then become a part of your maps; your rules of engagement and part of your knowledge base as a truth for you.

The Value of beliefs: in self worth 

There is a value in starting any challenge from the belief that you and all you employ are worthy. A strong self worth tends to nullify or dull the edges of the mind-generated fear of not-being-good-enough. That one powerful belief sets the stage for providing an experience that attracts way beyond what you can imagine. It turns-up-the-light in individuals so that vulnerability is not much of an issue and engagement is less of a challenge.

When workplace relationships begin from a position of equality and mutual development:

  • Employees treat each other as equals
  • Vendors enjoy the set and setting of attraction
  • There is freedom to be who you really are
  • When appreciated and valued, employees can drop the persona, and just be.

People, who are ready, are typically willing to pay to access the experience that they cannot experience elsewhere. Look at Las Vegas. What do people pay for there? How long does it last?

The Experience

When we approach our lives from the perspective that the outcome or experience is what we remember and value:

  • We perceive more clearly with a wider perspective
  • We engage differently – Connecting with others is stronger
  • We see through other’s eyes – a new and different perspective, for some
  • We recognize the frailty of the human condition and understand, rather than judge
  • We understand and forgive
  • We grow to serve more, rather than just make more money

Who is not self-worthy?

Those self-inflicted with shame, guilt, anger, pride, fear, grief, and apathy

Those who witness or abuse, belittle, resist, push, and take greedily on a regular basis

Worth is not a gift received from others. It is self-inherent in every atom, molecule, cell, micro and macro forms of energy that we are and also a part of the universe.

Our minds may act as a separate entity craving us to identify with it. It is needy.

However, the mind, when well trained, can be your assistant, valet, or researcher in assisting others.

We recall our inherent worth when we witness the worth of others.

It is difficult to experience self-worth if you do not recognize the worth of others.