The Ember Carrier: Pilot of light


Ancient traveling groups figured out that making a fire from scratch is a bitch, especially after a long walk and everyone is tired and hungry. So leadership delegated this important task to the ember carrier. Talk about an early responsible position, you were responsible for securing a cooking fire and light. You were the one who stoked the fire when it dropped too low to keep predators at bay.


The idea of the ember carrier is old, but the metaphor is still applicable for businesses owners and individuals.


Everyone has a pilot light or ember; it provides the energy to do everything, minimally; keeps you alive and breathing. However occasionally we stoke the ember into more of a flame when we engage more of life, and occasionally contribute to someone else’s energy, as in a business, farm, or grow a family.


Who or what stokes your ember, your pilot light?

Curiosity, Imagination, fear, attraction, connection, appreciation, hunger, and joy.


We now know how the emotional and chemical stoking works and how it can support us or sabotage us by providing just enough or too much heat or light energy.


The fundamental question of life is what did you do with the blazing fire when you were born? Yes, blazing bonfire. Many use it to connect, grow, learn, play, connect etc. Others, not so much; taking energy from others and abusing them; limit others by attempting to create the illusion that others are less than they are or the illusion of having more than others. Or,  when those are not productive, just dismissing  the energy as noise, and never learning  to constructively connect with others.


You are the carrier of your ember and only you can keep it burning or not. No one else is responsible for your ember and growing your light. However, there are always other energy sources and hope, regardless of the vacuum you may feel is draining yours.


Spectrum Coaching is an option for you or a valued employee who seems to be struggling to keep the fire burning. We can help stoke the ember aflame and turn up the light.